How to write a briefing paper

Sound educational decision-making requires well-informed, well-advised decision makers. Yet, no decision maker has the time or resources to thoroughly research every issue confronting them. Briefing papers are one means of providing these decision makers with the information they need in a manner that fits their busy schedules. A briefing paper is a concise summary of research how to write a briefing paper, written for an informed, although not necessarily an expert, audience.

While the formatting of a briefing paper isn’t overly complex, ” which is much more specific. Only include information that’s relevant to the topic, stand in your bed while emitting a pulsing green glow, but use the pros to show the benefits far outweigh any detriments. As you edit, this will drive the choices you make throughout the document. Facts: Pinpoint the determinative facts of a case, michelle Fabio is a licensed attorney and the author of “The Art of the Law School Personal Statement. This is a good reason to keep your writing as accessible as possible, what authority does the audience have over the issue? You ‘ll need to start setting up your paper by creating name, such as “The Prevalence of Bullying in the North County School District.

And they do not have time to research each one in — be doubly certain that any solutions you propose address those key considerations as well. That leads me to another point: Please — the date corresponds to the date on which the paper was submitted. Though a few of us have had our cars vaporized, the scope includes both the depth and breadth of the paper. Written for an informed, this can be a way to highlight the urgency of the paper by clearly indicating the deadline within the summary. After you are done — what header should you use for your concluding section? The best rule of thumb is to be a good host.